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Tasmania’s roads.

A message from the Rides Coordinator

Every organised (and self-guided) ride at this AGM truly has something for everyone, regardless of your skills and experience. 
We cover the North East and East Coast, the South Midland Region, the Central North and the Highlands. A few of the outings are all day (in Tasmania, any ride of 300k plus is a day out!), some of the shorter ones are offered twice daily and others will be an easy ride format finishing in the early afternoon. All will take you through spectacular scenery, quaint hamlets or historical towns - and the riding is never boring! 
Unlike the big island, 400klms can be a reasonably long day in Tasmania because of the roads. Assuming you stop to look at the scenery or check out the towns, it can take most of the day to do 400klms. It is certainly possible to do much greater distances but it defeats the purpose of coming to Tasmania if you don’t relax and enjoy the scenery. 
We will take you to Legerwood, Weldborough, St Helens, St Marys, Elephant Pass, Bicheno, Lake Leake, Campbell Town, Ross, Bothwell, Miena, Sheffield, Cradle Mountain, Mole Creek, Promised Land and pretty close to Nowhere Else!
There is a dedicated Ladies Ride (sorry - no solo males!) whilst local, experienced Adventure Riders will lead (or you can self-guide) two off-road rides - without the bush-bashing. Arrangements have been made with several venues to provide discounted entry for organised rides - icons such as the Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Museum, Tasmazia and Woolmer’s Estate & Brickendon Farm (minimum and/or maximum numbers will apply in almost all cases). 
Logistically, it is not possible for every ride to be offered every day, therefore it is essential that bookings for a particular ride be made by 5pm the previous day. 
All ride details, ride sheets and rides information will be available at the Rides Desk, situated in the Event HQ Building.

The vast majority of A and B roads are in good condition. However, there are major differences in the C roads. The very minor C roads will be narrow with little if any speed advisory signs.  
Green directional signs are excellent – for example, a sign to Campbell Town indicates that this road will take you there, whilst the same wording in parenthesis (Campbell Town) indicates that you are going the right way but will need to take a turn, somewhere ahead.
Yellow advisory signs are never to be trusted but never doubt a ‘15’ or ’20!’  
Road workers can be careless about gravel placement. They are also good at leaving fine dust on the road after road repairs. Normally there will be signs to indicate that there is gravel on the road but there are some roads where there never seems to be warnings. 
Watch out for very tight 90 degree corners around paddocks in farming country. 
These can be as sharp as an intersection in towns and may not be signposted 

Premium unleaded isn’t universally available at all service stations. 98 RON unleaded isn’t available at all. 

You can find  RIDE MAPS HERE 

Bus Tours

There will be some great bus tours available.

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